Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NFC: PR Talks, BN Practice Transparency

Foreign media and the oppositions are not very keen in giving any credit to the government for the obvious transparency practice over the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal. Instead of a pat on the shoulder for a job well-done, Malaysia receives a lifted brow and a crooked smile for charging a minister’s husband over the scandal.

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the minister involved has already resigned but that didn’t help put some senses into the minds of the government-haters.

As rationale and open-minded citizens, we would like to thank the opposition for bringing up the matter to the public. But to say that the government acted on the matter over pressure by the oppositions wouldn’t be as accurate.

All well educated persons should know that there are laws and procedures to go through before actions can be taken on anybody, especially public figures.

In the case of Shahrizat, the police and MACC had acted almost right away once the scandal was reported. By end of December, MACC was reported to have almost concluded the investigation. Apparently, there were never any cover-ups, no hanky-panky and no flip-flops on Najib’s part as the matter was totally handled by MACC.

Najib’s transparency is clear as all the pro-government blogs, portals and websites too, have been giving some kind of pressure on Shahrizat and wanting the truth.

As much as the oppositions brag about their openness and transparency, they cannot even beat the transparency displayed by the government. In years, we have witnessed numbers of BN leaders being sentenced to jail for all kinds of wrongdoings. And never once, the government interfered with the trial or tried to cover-up the truth.

Meanwhile, the oppositions consistently accusing the Malaysian government as being autocratic but if this is true, then covering up the dirty truth of its officers wouldn’t be that hard, would it?

Before Shahrizat, it was Khir Toyo who was arrested and found guilty and before him, it was Chua Soi Lek and the list goes on of BN leaders who were found guilty by the court of law without much drama or denial.

So, it is evident that BN is never autocratic and never interfere in any court cases, including the most famous Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy.

However, we see sickening drama and cover-ups in all wrongdoings by the Opposition leaders. This goes as far as when the MACC investigated a DAP leader over corruption charges, one of the key witness was found dead.

The truth is, the oppositions talk about transparency a lot, but they never practice it.

Just to name a few cases, in Penang, one of the MPPP council resigned because he couldn’t take the ‘autocratic and dictatorship’ of DAP anymore. By this, he referred to the sPICE project which the tender was given in a ‘secretive manner’ complete with ‘arm-twisting’ gesture.

In the Oppositions, only close friends and families are allowed to hold high posts in the party. The PKR’s party election ended up with chair-fighting and a lot of yelling and cursing that led to hospitalization and quitting. Those involved blamed the chaos on vote-manipulation by the leadership and their inner-circle itself.

Therefore, the oppositions may be cynical about BN’s transparency but records speak by itself.

The foreign media may find it interesting to highlight the corruption of the government officers by echoing the oppositions, but that would only convince the Malaysians even more that the Oppositions are definitely the tools of west.

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